Africana Couture is a premium Nigerian fashion brand inspired by the philosophy “man, know thyself ”. Founded in Nigeria with a simple goal to become the top of mind fashion brand for the global citizen with a flare for fine tailoring and exquisite materials.
Our brand goes beyond the product. We pride ourselves in our tradition of delivering impeccable customer experience in-store and across all brand touch points (physical, digital and otherwise). We call our customers kings.


Africana Couture, an International Fashion brand, specialises in urbanising Traditional African mens’ wear to see itself exemplifying the quality and test of preference which connotes royalty and elegance.

The creative brand is spearheaded and driven by the innovator himself, Charles Oronsaye the founding Creative Director, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.



Africana Couture as a brand started in 2012 after the success of Tony Cream Clothing in Benin City, Nigeria and has grown to become the stand out male brand for Traditional African men wears which is appealing to men of various tastes and preferences and fits all kinds of high standard occasions.


Charles Oghogho Oronsaye Jr. is an haute couture creative designer from Edo State, Nigeria. He is very renowned for his flair and artistry in the innovative combination of fabrics that draw inspiration from the depths of his enchanting and contemporary background.